About Me

“I can't jump high so I jump from high places”

— Mick Foley



I'm Alessandro, a music and concert photographer based in East London, UK.

I started to get into music photography when I was touring with my band The Hacienda a few years ago. I then had the chance to meet many cool photographers who inspired me to jump on my own music photography journey.

I am currently working on building my portfolio, with a focus on the local music scene. My work has been published by Shindig!, London In Stereo, Rolling Stone and NME.


My work wishes to capture the spirit of a band during their live set. The years I spent on the road as a musician have taught me what a great concert shot is made of, and also helped me to develop my photography style.

I aim to shoot unique moments that would make viewers feel like they were in the room when the photos were actually taken. 

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